Jen came away to the Australian Defence National Touch Competition which was held in Brisbane in October 2010.

As coach and player of the Southern States Men’s Opens team I can honestly say we would not have got as far in the competition as we did if it weren’t for Jen’s diverse skills in sports/deep tissue massage, postural correction and trigger points.

During the competition she treated our team for muscle soreness, rolled ankle’s, strained hamstrings and multiple shoulder injuries with all these players being able to continue playing on in the competition.

I went to the tournament as a coach due to having a bulged disc with sciatica down my right leg all the way to my foot. After one half hour session Jen had relieved the pain in my leg and back and after the second half hour session I was running onto the field pain free. This after 6 months of physio work and stretching with no relief. If it wasn’t for Jen I would have been having back surgery by now.

Jen thanks again from all the Southern States guys.



I was recently having debilitating pain down my whole left leg from sciatica and my personal trainer at my gym recommended Jen to help me. Jen was able to assist me so much by analysing my problem and then treating it using the Myo fascial technique
 By realigning my hips and applying remedial massage, I had some relief after my first treatment. Through Jen’s skilfulness, kindness and friendly manner, she explained each treatment in layman’s terms and also supported me by suggesting simple exercises to prevent the sciatica returning. After several sessions over a few weeks, Jen unlocked all the trouble spots in my posture and muscles and I’m back to feeling great again.
Through the nature of my job sitting at a desk for long periods of time, I can fall back into poor posture, so I continue to visit Jen to maintain correct alignment of my hips, back and shoulders.
I am so grateful that Jen has been able to help me.



My dream has always been to play for Australia. With the help of Jen and deep tissue I made the Australian OZ Tag Team which recently beat NZ in the tour, receiving player of the series.
The deep tissue which I have fortnightly helps me run more freely and play without pain. I suffered back and neck injuries in a car accident 5 years ago. I'm also able to play Touch and Soccer.





Jennifer Maarseveen....My Life Saver


After being told I wouldn't play the Trans Tasman OzTag 2010 series due to a hamstring injury, Jen treated me and had me running again in two weeks.  Jen has treated me on many occasions post injury. Time off the field has been minimal as a result of her treatment.  I have had the privilege to play touch football at both State and National levels with Jen.  Her experience as a player only enhances her appreciation in her treatment approach.  When on tour she is forever treating players between games, following games and even on the sidelines.  She has kept me running at times when I likely would have gone down injured.
I have recommended Jen to family, friends, team mates and professional clients of my own.  I have all faith in her knowledge and her expertise in her field.  Jen is proactive and enthusiastic in her approach.  She has offered me so much more than many other traditional treatments.  She is the best kept secret for any athlete.


Jen came away to the Sunshine Coast to look after our 5 Sydney Rebels touch football teams at the Australian National touch tournament. Jen's specialized skills as a body therapist was able to rectify any muscle fatigue and biomechanical dysfunctions that were presented over the four day tournament.


Jen's unique strapping & body release work enabled all athletes to perform at their best. She had to also be challeged with some pre - existing injuries to the tournament and these players were well maintained and lasted the tournament with confidence.

I would personally recommend Jen for any future tournaments.

Christian Frost
Captained  Australian  Open's mixed touch Football Team 2010


I was referred to Jen by a team mate after I had persistent pain in my lower back and sciatica to the knee on my right leg. While sceptical at first due to chiropractic work and physiotherapy not providing lasting relief I tried Jen. An hour and a half later and I was able to sit in my car without pain for the first time in over a year.

I found that after a number of sessions Jen was able to get ‘deeper’ into my muscles and as a result provide me with even greater relief.

Jen is happy to explain why she performs certain manoeuvrers, the reason behind your pain, and importantly how you can lessen the chance of your injury occurring again in the future.

I highly recommend Jen Maarseveen and her Essential Body Management. I have since recommended a number of friends and family members all with great success.

Michael Shaw
Camden NSW Australia
Sports - Cricket, Boxing, Rugby League, Oztag and Surfing